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What is an SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is responsible for monitoring search trends and employing analytics to assist businesses in developing highly ranked websites that effectively reach their target audiences and fulfil their business objectives. The optimised websites crafted with their assistance not only generate leads but also drive conversions, contributing to overall business growth.

A proficient SEO expert possesses the following attributes:

  • Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of on-page, technical, and off-page SEO, recognizing the individual and collective impacts of each on site performance.
  • Familiarity with how search engines and SERPs function, including aspects like indexing and crawling.
  • Proficient in SEO-focused research, encompassing tasks such as keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • Capable of comprehending, analysing, and reporting on SEO analytics, including metrics like clicks and conversions, to formulate data-driven decisions and recommendations.
  • Utilises SEO tools such as Ahrefs or Google Search Console.
  • Proficient in creating SEO-focused content.
  • Keeps abreast of search trends and algorithm updates that may influence site performance.
  • Develops SEO-focused strategies, such as a keyword strategy, to enhance website visibility and performance.

What Skills Should an SEO Expert know?

SEO involves more than just optimising meta tags on a website.

In reality, the most effective SEO experts excel in various digital marketing areas, encompassing not only essential SEO skills like title tag optimization but also extending to other aspects such as writing and web design.

Here are the crucial skills that an SEO expert must possess:

  • Proficiency in discovering high-volume, low-competition keywords.
  • Basic understanding of HTML.
  • Knowledge of how and where to strategically add keywords to a webpage.
  • Intermediate to advanced copywriting skills.
  • Competence in visual content creation, including video and infographics.
  • Ability to promote and construct links to key pages.
  • Understanding of how technical SEO impacts search rankings.
  • Awareness of emerging SEO trends and changes in Google algorithms.

Throughout the remainder of this guide, I will delve into each of these skills, providing real-life examples of individuals who have successfully become SEO experts.

What does an SEO Expert do?

Today’s SEO goes beyond simply inserting keywords into your content and constructing backlinks with keyword-rich anchor texts. It revolves around securing a position on the first page of Google for the appropriate keywords that attract potential customers to your sales funnel.

If you enlist my services as your organic SEO expert and consultant, our focus will centre on several key areas to enhance your ranking and traffic:

  • Identify the keywords that your prospective audience uses when researching and seeking products and enterprise-grade services on search engines.
  • Optimise both on-site and off-site SEO, gradually elevating the ranking for targeted keywords to secure a position on the first page in organic search results.
  • Devise a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your blog, capturing and guiding prospects to your site during their search for trends, best practices, checklists, or relevant industry research in the awareness and consideration stages.
  • Establish pertinent contextual links on authoritative sites to reinforce improvements in your ranking.
  • Enhance conversion rates, optimise landing pages, improve website loading speed, and rectify crawling errors to ensure no impediments prevent you from achieving a first-page ranking.
  • How much does an SEO Expert cost?

    Typically, SEO pricing models encompass one-time charges, monthly retainers, hourly rates, or project-based rates. Hourly SEO costs can vary from approximately £50 to over £300. For the monthly retainer model, businesses might pay anywhere from less than £500 to over £5000 per month. Project-based SEO costs also exist, with businesses generally investing between £1000 and £30,000, depending on the project’s complexity. Additionally, SEO audits, crucial for identifying and addressing issues affecting your website’s performance in Google search results, contribute to the overall SEO cost.

    The broad spectrum of SEO prices stems from the uniqueness of each website, with varying degrees of required work. Some websites may necessitate a complete design overhaul to become search-engine friendly, while others might need only minimal adjustments. There is also a notable distinction between local SEO prices and national or international SEO costs. Moreover, the continuous evolution of search engine algorithms, such as those used by Google, implies that businesses should be prepared for potential changes in SEO costs.

    When determining your SEO budget, it’s crucial to factor in your marketing goals, industry, competitive landscape, and the expertise of the SEO firm. Remember, the essence of SEO lies in achieving optimal results, including higher rankings in search engine results, quality traffic generation, and ultimately, enhanced ROI. Ask yourself, “How much value can SEO bring to my business?” By doing so, you can budget for SEO based on the potential return on investment rather than solely focusing on the cost.

    What sets you apart from other SEO experts?

    As you browse the Top SEO experts, your goal is to narrow down choices and find the best fit for your business. It proves beneficial to directly learn from potential candidates about their most valuable qualities and services.

    Seeking a company’s description of their methods and experience is a prudent approach, as they are essentially pitching themselves to you. A solid foundation in marketing is essential for SEO experts, and their responses to the question, “What makes you different?” can reveal key insights.

    Especially during tasks like keyword research and deciphering search intent, you want them to accurately identify the desires and needs of an audience—much like they’ll cater to your aspirations for improved rankings and increased visibility.

    Their response provides an initial indication of their depth of SEO knowledge. Depending on how they articulate their approach to link building and content optimization, you can assess their skill level and familiarity with current search engine practices.

    Results-driven SEO experts is a positive sign, as they rely on data rather than promoting their services as “cheap” or “quick.” Successful SEO campaigns demand time, meticulous tracking, and dedicated effort to generate traffic and revenue. Therefore, the SEO experts you select should refrain from promising immediate ranking changes.

    How to find a good SEO expert?

    If you’re in search of an SEO expert to assist you, there are several crucial steps to follow:

  • Identify Your Goals: Define the objectives of your SEO project. Are you aiming to enhance your website traffic, improve search result rankings, or increase your conversion rate? An SEO expert can address all these aspects.
  • Determine Your Budget: Consider your budget for the SEO project. Be clear about how much you’re willing to invest as different services come with varying costs. Transparent budgeting ensures you can maximise your return on investment.
  • Decide Between Agency or Freelancer: Choose between working with an agency or a freelancer. While a freelancer might be more cost-effective, an agency typically has more resources at its disposal.
  • Ask Questions: Pose relevant questions that align with your goals and expectations. Ensure that the agency’s approach is in line with your objectives, putting you in a position to be content with the campaign’s results.
  • Review References: Prior to making a hiring decision, request references from the SEO expert. Connect with these references to gauge their satisfaction with the results achieved by the specialist.
  • Request an Audit: Consider asking for a website audit before finalising your decision. Review the changes the agency or specialist recommends and ensure that you are comfortable with their proposed strategies.
  • By keeping these points in mind, you can identify the right SEO experts who can effectively meet your needs.

    What does an SEO expert help with?

    Should you choose to collaborate with an SEO expert, there are various areas in which they can provide valuable assistance. Some of the ways an SEO professional can aid you include:

    1. Website Audits: Maintaining a strong on-page and technical SEO standing is crucial for favourable search engine rankings. Regular website audits conducted by a professional SEO expert can ensure that your site is updated, functions correctly, and is free of broken links. This diligence may lead to improved rankings as search engines recognize the upkeep of your website.
    2. Keyword Research: Appropriate keyword research is fundamental for on-page SEO optimization. While you may be familiar with key keywords in your industry, an SEO expert can further assist in refining your keyword strategy, ensuring the use of relevant phrases and avoiding penalties from search engines related to keyword stuffing.
    3. Optimized Content Creation: SEO experts play a pivotal role in optimising content creation. Ensuring that your published content is optimised to rank well on search engines and meets the needs of your target audience is crucial. SEO specialists can assist in creating content that is tailored for optimization and resonates effectively.
    4. Link Building: Establishing your website as an authority in your field is achieved through effective link building. Accumulating high-quality links pointing back to your website is essential. Running backlink campaigns can be time-consuming, and an SEO specialist can streamline this process, helping you acquire valuable links efficiently.

    These are just a few examples of how SEO professionals can contribute to your digital marketing efforts. However, the expertise in this industry can vary, and it is essential to find the right individual or team to support your specific goals.